16-18 November 2022, Tokyo

Public Broadcasters International (PBI) held its first annual conference in 1991 to enable public broadcasters around the world to exchange the latest information on the common challenges facing our industry. This unique

Keynote Speaker Announced!


We're thrilled to announce that PBI TOKYO will welcome Mr. Tim Davie, Director-General of BBC as our keynote speaker to kick off the sessions.

This year, the BBC celebrates its 100th anniversary since its establishment as the world's first public service broadcaster, and many countries will follow.

Now we are at this historical milestone, facing many challenges, what public service media must do to remain relevant for further beyond?

The keynote speech is followed by a conversation with Hayashi Rie, Executive Director, NHK.
SCHEDULE: SCHEDULE: 17 November (click here for details)

Greeting from David Jordan, PBI Secretary-General

Since 1991 the PBI (Public Broadcasters International) has been holding an annual conference to bring together public service broadcasters from all around the world to exchange ideas and information and discuss the many challenges we face.

This year we will convene in Tokyo, hosted by NHK which has been a mainstay of the organization from its beginning. NHK helped to stage the inaugural PBI conference and hosted PBI in 2009 in Kyoto with great success. Though only a decade ago the landscape for public service broadcasting has since changed immeasurably and the challenges that now confront the industry are now almost unrecognizable.

Guided by NHK the PBI will discuss these new challenges and offer ideas on how to confront them and improve services to audiences consuming TV, radio, and online. We look forward to meeting in Tokyo and building on the traditions of public service broadcasting across the world.

Greeting from Maeda Terunobu, NHK President

One hundred years ago, the world’s first public service broadcaster was born in the United Kingdom, and many other countries soon followed. Through a century of experience, public service broadcasting has become a key pillar of a democratic society by providing accurate and reliable news and quality programming.

Over the past two decades, public service media has been plunged into an unprecedented sea of digital information. Our mission today is to help our audience capture the big picture by eliminating misinformation from this flood of facts and opinions. This mission cannot be successful unless we fully embrace the "public” aspect of what we do. And this is particularly important when addressing issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic and armed conflict.
"Public" now matters more than ever.

Like many of our fellow broadcasters, NHK will soon reach its 100th anniversary. In recognition of this milestone, during this year's PBI, I hope that the leaders of the world’s public service media organizations will be able to learn from each other, sharing their insights into what serving the public means today. I am honored to host this global gathering of PSM friends in Tokyo to reflect on our experiences, and find new and better ways to collaborate.

Welcome to PBI TOKYO 2022

As the hosting organization of PBI 2022, NHK is committed to providing a respectful, engaging, and eco-friendly conference for all, regardless of age, race, disability, and gender identity.